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"London is stuffed to the brim with incredible producers, so sticking out from the crowd can be a daunting task.  One man who evidently has what it takes to do so is emerging producer, Bearface."


Meoko Magazine

"Bearface, an artist who has
studied percussion, this is
reflected in his work building
hypnotic rhythms without leaving aside
the influence received by the

most Underground Clubs in
London.  (Translated from Spanish)"

DJ Mag Spain

"Born in Bristol and now based in London, he’s a well-known presence in the electronic music scene, with his works brought forward by labels like Exploited Ghetto, Stealth, Defected Records and Vendetta. In 2013 he establishes Beartone and delivers top-notch productions over the years, with many globally renowned artists showing support, like Hector Romero, Danny Tenaglia, Todd Edwards, James Zabiela and Groove Armada among those."




Bearface a.k.a. Raj Panasa has a stellar reputation for hypnotic house grooves having come to prominence with 'Bare Brass' under his 'Bana Kuba' moniker. Since then he has worked under the Bearface alias releasing on the crème de la crème of house music:  Defected, Exploited, Stealth Records, Vatos Locos and his own imprint Beartone Records.


The musicality of Bearface's productions has garnered industry wide support from the world's most respected DJ's:  Claptone, Danny Tenaglia, Groove Armada, Hector Romero, Hernan Cattaneo, James Zabiela, Josh Wink, Mat.Joe, Purple Disco Machine, Roger Sanchez, Sasha and Todd Edwards.


The Beartone story so far has been colourful and it promises to continue in the same vein with his immersive live show incorporating percussion, instruments and electronic sound sources.

Bare Brass - Bana Kuba (Defected Records)

Moon EP - Bearface (Exploited Records)

Pipe EP - Bearface (Exploited Records)

Outers EP - Bearface (Beartone Records)

Shikazu EP - Bearface (Beartone Records)

Live For Life EP - Bearface (Vatos Locos)

Cupertino Jam - Bearface (Vatos Locos)

Cheech - David Gtronic, Bearface (Vatos Locos)

L'Aya - David Gtronic, Bearface (Tervisio Records)

Jaxx - David Gtronic, Bearface (Tervisio Records)



Defected Records

Beartone Records

Stealth Records

Exploited Records

Vatos Locos

Volupso Records

Tervisio Records


Recent Gigs

La Discotheque, Drumsheds, London

Field Day, London

Club Nui, Ibiza

Club Mukossa, London

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Ibiza Sonica


Pioneer DJ


Exploited Records

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Half Is Not Enough

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